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The Market has entered a Crypto Winter and the investors are looking for ways to preserve their capital. Can NFTs be a store of value and can the new metadata deliver ROI to their investors during such a volatile period?

Crazy Granny NFT’s checklist included choosing the right Blockchain & Marketplace and a target oriented marketing strategy by delivering a unique value proposition: the first NFT project to give back to their community 80% from the NFTs sale through staking, crypto investments and real estate discounts.

Through Partnerships, Twitter Spaces within Elrond community and AMAs, the project has built Brand Awareness:& Expanded Audience Reach

The project has updated their Roadmap to reflect ambitious plans to enter the Metaverse, launch a second collection and launch a Play to Earn game with their own token.

The Collections has a limited number of 4000 NFTs, which adds value to it through scarcity. and exclusivity, the cornerstones of the NFT ecosystem.

Crazy Granny NFT will have their pre sale on 25th of July 2022, save the date and join the Discord Group to learn how you can het on the Whitelist.


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