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In a saturated market where all NFT projects copy and paste the roadmap under a different name, what does it take to succeed?

The Bear Market has made a natural selection between projects and only the ones that continued to build and deliver survived. With that in mind, when launching an NFT Collection, the community should be at the heart of everything you do. Whether you allow them to vote in a DAO to decide the future of the project or whether you reward their trust through passive income or access to certain events or exclusive communities, always build according to the roadmap and make the NFT holder feel they are a part of something unique.

The floor price of many projects plummeted, and many feared the end of NFTs, however since they represent digital ownership in Web 3.0, the NFT space will only continue to grow and drive liquidity in the market.

Crazy Granny NFT is an NFT collection of 4000 unique crazy grannies built on the Elrond Blockchain, whose aim is to reward the community through monthly prizes which will represent 70% of the funds obtained from the sale

By staking your NFT on their website, you are guaranteed monthly rewards in top trading NFTs, newly released NFT Collections, eGLD, Lkmex, merch and Whitelist access to upcoming Elrond NFT Collections.

10% of the funds raised from selling the NFTs will be staked in Maiar Launchpad and will be used to participate in the private sale of upcoming projects All profits will then be distributed amongst the community.

You can also benefit from a 20% discount if you rent an apartment in Sibiu for a short period of time.


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